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Why you should invest in podcasts + My Pod Playlist

Podcasts are a sort of media that people don’t think of easily. It’s more like a radio show but in digital form available to listen to on the internet or download to your device. I started listening to podcasts from years back when I was learning Mandarin Chinese and didn’t think it would be something I’ll be greatly interested in now. Having listened to a number of podcasts over the years, I really think they are worth investing your time on.

-Podcasts are Informative

Podcasts are very informative and ranges from all topics of interest.The best way to unwind whilst being updated, inspired and getting in the know of what’s happening in your environment or niche is to listen to podcasts.

-Get Inspired!

Regardless of what you’re interested in, you can always find a podcast that’ll inspire and motivate you. Girlboss Radio does that for me with interview,tips and experiences from different professionals.

-While away time

podcasts are best for the long drive home, to work or when you’re on the go and not wanting to listen to music. You’ll be surprised how time flies when you’ve spent the most of it listening to someone/people talk and learning a thing or two from what you’ve heard.



Girlboss Radio


You’ve probably heard of the book, read it or kept up with the #girlboss tag on social media, but I bet you didn’t know that girl boss had a podcast series where they interview successful women from different industries. Well if you did, go girl!

Hearing stories of these people from the scratch has inspired me to keep my A game on.

Episode that’ll get you hooked-Jumpstart (Chapter 1)

Listen here:

Blogging your passion

Onto my favorite blogging companion –Jonathan Milligan and his mission to make bloggers go full time in the next 5 years.

I’ve learnt a lot about the ropes of blogging from SEO, to promoting posts and blogging tools. This podcast is a total package for both newbie and pro bloggers.

Episode that’ll get you hooked – 4 steps to get more blog traffic today

Listen here:


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Every week Gretchen and her sister, Elizabeth shares tips on living happily, keeping good habits, understanding yourself and other people’s nature too. The more episodes I listen to, the more compelled I am to make practical changes in my life. Sometimes even without knowing. The ‘Try this at home’ episodes are always the one I’m yearning to listen to because I get to do new things and incorporate them into my daily life.

Episode that’ll get you hooked – Still unsure about your resolutions or setting goals for the year? then this episode would be a great one to start with!

Listen here:

Podast with music mask


The Accidental Creative

I feel like this is the podcast for every creative and not just because of it’s name. Twice every week, insights,tips and exercises are shared from top professionals,authors,artisans etc to help creatives. Honestly, having a lot of ideas and thinking outside the box sometimes isn’t just enough.

Episode that’ll get you hooked –You are a Badass everyday with Jen Sincero.

Listen here:

podcast with music mask


TED Talks daily

On TED talks, different topics ranging from all subjects are discussed each day. I listen to it at laid-back moments like when I’m having creative block or trying to come up with something new.

Episode that’ll get you hooked- How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming with Katherine Wilkinson.

Listen here:

Podacst with music mask


PS: Podcasts are easier to access using an IOS device but if you don’t have one I recommend STICHER to listen and subscribe to different podcast shows. You can also sync and download your favorite shows for offline use.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which are your favorites and why? If you don’t, I hope this post will give you that boost. Have a great weekend!



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