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Treat Yourself On a Budget



It’s important that the body takes a break to relax and rejuvenate from the stress of working days and that’s why weekends or vacations exists.

Self care is very essential and the importance can’t be overemphasize. It just helps you maintain mental health and happiness. On other days when the budget is low, these deserved breaks are spent at home with the sleep-eat-repeat cycle or long hours on social media.

Being solo can also be absolutely frustrating especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget and so I pamper myself on weekends or leisure with one or two things from this list, not breaking the bank to enjoy my ‘Me’ time.

Bathroom and spa

DIY Home Spa

You know how pretty expensive spas can be for just a few hours of pampering?

Treat yourself to spa by playing a soul music (from your favorite playlist), light up scented candles (Candles gives a cozy environment and scented ones are a plus), run a hot bath (epsom salt or spa salts can be added to the water with your shower gel), wash your hair and give every bit of your body that attention that it deserves.



Exercise and Yoga

Regular exercise is good for your physical health. Be extra when you have more time to stretch out your muscles by running, lifting some weights and maybe yoga. I watch lots of YouTube videos on yoga and practise new moves when I’m free on weekends. Knee exercises and push ups are really great too.



Manicure and Pedicure

With a set, you’re game! I don’t really like to manicure much, but I always take extra care with my feet because I have a dry skin and tend to have cracked and dry heels.

 Soak your feet in a warm water of sea salt and shower gel, washing off the dead skins with a pumice stone or foot scrub.

You can also give your nails a clean feel by filing them or applying a new nail polish.


Facial Care

Make homemade scrubs from ingredients in your skin like honey, turmeric and baking powder. Steam up your face with essential oils and sit up on all the dirt that might have accumulated over time.

Try out a new recipe or Cook your favourite meal

Cook your favorite food or take a splurge by trying out a new recipe from a cookbook, TV show or YouTube. Pair your meal with a cheap wine or juice. No one’s looking. You’re home.


Solo Movie

Turn your living room or bedroom to the  cinema you wish you were in. Thanks to food companies that make packed popcorn and snacks for absolutely affordable prices, with a fully charged phone or PC, movies and earphones as loud as hell, you’re no different from the next door neighbour who’s queuing to watch a blockbuster at the cinema.

HammockSleep In

The brain needs rest and so does every other part of the body. Having enough sleep on weekends or other free days makes up for all the overtime work and relieves stress that the body needs to get rid off. Be a little extra by sleeping in your backyard or an open space with shade and a hammock!


PS: All the pictures in this post were sourced from Pinterest.


Which of the tip/tips have you been in to lately? How do you unwind without breaking the bank, leave me some your hacks in the comment section.


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