The Lockdown Ramadan – Day 3 + 4

Day 3 and Day 4 because everything is better in pairs, innit?


Alhamdulilah, Day 3 was mostly for reflection. I said in the last post that I was going to take a break due to the ulcer pain, but I was able to go through with Sahuur because a friend encouraged me to try.

Before that, I haven’t had any sleep as I was trying to meet a deadline and take advantage of the night to make Dua, I was ready for my extended sleep on Sunday Morning. Well, not until I found out that I’ve been officially exempted from fasting and Sallah (Yup, you know what time it is, lol).

I did some spring cleaning and slept for most of the day. Woke up to a very high fewer and some random symptoms of malaria, so I decided to wait it out till today before making any conclusion. And thankfully, the fever reduced.

Now that we are gradually transitioning to the rainy season, I really should get a humidifier for my room if I don’t want to fall sick now and then (I don’t mind being gifted).

So let’s skip all the gloomy events and move on to today…



Okay. I’m getting used to this format, plus I hardly get any sleep at night so today I was up watching Aysha Harun’s Ramadan Daily vlogs and then MuftiMenk on Youtube.





Being off-salah exclusion from making Dua so yes, I took advantage of the time between Sahuur and Fajr to speak with my Creator.

And because I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet (Dear insomnia and baggy eyes), I decided to go all ‘Cinderella’ in my room (scrubbing floors I’d cleaned yesterday) and I created a little prayer space. Can’t wait for the few things I’ve ordered so the room would get set up and I’d show you guys how it looks!



Du’a Tip:

Be intentional and VERY SPECIFIC when making Du’a


The Day:

The day started with cleaning. After that I did some laundry, and cleaned all my shoes—They need some lovin’ in these barefoot, slippers and sock times too. I made a list of things to do so I won’t get sidetracked.

Dressed up for the day (no Zoom week, yay!) and decided to take pictures of my OOTD but the weather was too hot for such fanciful things. (anyways, I got y’all tomorrow).


Oh, did I add that adopted a cactus plant? –  Background story and pictures later tomorrow, but meanwhile you can leave me some not to clichè name ideas on twitter. 


Went grocery shopping at the mall for the first time since the lockdown, I usually just get my essentials from the neighbourhood store but they didn’t even have any other pasta than Spaghetti (clearly not eating Penne since January is stressing me out). Unfortunately, they had nothing but bland old spaghetti too.

I got parched at the mall, so I took a drink and opened it after serious consideration and amid plenty of stares. Fixed myself a quick meal when I got home and by the time I was done with cooking and cleaning,  it was almost time for Iftar. I got some fruits from the grocery to gift some fasting Muslims so I took it to them just in time for Iftar.


The best part about today is that I got to make my stir fry spaghetti with Orange juice.



Spent the rest of the day catching up on my family and friends, and by the time this post would be up, I’d probably be asleep.



How did your day 4 go? Did you do anything interesting today?

Let me know by leaving a comment.







Fareedah A.

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