The Lockdown Ramadan – Day 2

Salam Alaykum Guys!

It’s the second day of Ramadan and I honestly still don’t have the right words to describe it.



I told you guys I was going to eat my leftover potatoes from Iftar yesterday. I’ve been up since 1 AM, observed Tarawih, read the Qur’an for a while and spent most of this morning working and editing the blog post that should have gone up since yesterday.

Time for Fajr came and did Adkhaar after, covered more pages of the Qur’an and resumed work (please read as staring into my laptop for minutes wondering why I chose this life), anyways while that was happening, I had the Honest Tea talk podcast playing and then Nasheed (specifically the ones sang in Arabic). I have a playlist of these songs on Spotify but since most of you don’t use it…


Tip of the day: Light a scented candle in the morning after Fajr when you’re reading the Qur’an or Adkhaar. Bliss.


The Day:

Started out smooth with the work-break-repeat cycle. Asides work, I didn’t get around to doing anything ‘Deen-wise’ today but I did put in a lot of time into my Dua this morning, and will definitely be making up for it at midnight. I’d like to think that this pattern is working for people who are working from home in this period.

PS- Check up on your friends wfh dearly beloved.

After Asr, I felt this sharp pain – Ulcer showing off which was totally ridiculous, rude and unnecessary because I haven’t felt this pain in about a month!

I was distressed and lost it at 4:30 PM

I was angry, frustrated and irritated. Very heavy words, I know, but I also felt guilty about these emotions because I was fasting, so I did these;

First, I had to acknowledge these emotions and why they were happening.

Why was I angry? Yes.

It’s the Ulcer pain.

No, it’s because Google sheets is not cooperating with me this afternoon.

And why is the mouse taking so long to click.

Okay, I had my reasons but I got upset the more I thought about it, so I shut off my laptop, phone and took a shower, made ablution and recited this:

Minutes later, I found myself saying “Ya Allah, give me Sabr” repeatedly because Google sheets was still acting up but Alhamdulilah, I was calmer than before.


It’s okay to feel these emotions, just know when to fall back because of the current state you’re in.






What did I have for Iftar? Just Vibes.

I’d planned to make Stir fry spaghetti and orange juice but with the pain, I really couldn’t Do anything. I’m considering taking a break tomorrow, I’d better not risk any chances with my health. So please do keep me in your prayers.



Your daily dose of Ramadan resources;

Do’s and Don’t for Ramadan


How did your Ramadan Day 2 go?

See you all tomorrow at 9 PM.




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