The Lockdown Ramadan – Day 1


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Ramadan Mubarak!


Its been a minute, hasn’t it?

A lot has happened since I last published a post on here (and even on Instagram),

No one would have predicted that we would be living through a pandemic, social distancing from the ones we love to stay safe, working from home and observing Ramadan without the usual Iftar gatherings, praying Tarawih in the Masjid, and attending Lectures.

While we’ve been subjected to the virtual life – Sharing our meals on Zoom and consuming digital contents like podcasts and videos. I should say that I’m really grateful that we are all here, gracing another Ramadan in sound health. Alhamdulilah!


So what really happened today;


Sahuur: 3:30 AM


Since the lockdown, I’ve been a light sleeper, pretty impressive for someone who sets so many alarms and hardly wakes to the sound of one. I got up, stretched, cleaned and realised I had slept with my laptop still on (meaning I had pending work and some unread emails I had to respond to).

I took my time doing that and didn’t eat Sahuur until 4 AM. And since I already did Tahjjud about 2 hours earlier, I decided to continue working till Fajr but was still very sleepy. Fajr came and I said my prayers and morning Adkhaar. Went to bed minutes later and woke up thrice only to sleep for 5 more minutes (Post-Sahuur sleep hits different).


The Day:


Officially began at 9:30 AM with a myriad of things do and brilliant ideas running through my head. I quickly dressed up, caught up with work, and asked my friends if they wanted to see videos of my daily routine and they all voted yes (still haven’t figured how to efficiently do that yet and interestingly, my non-Muslim friends are enjoying it and have been asking so many questions).

Today was a lot.  I was all over the place trying to do much at a time because I had to work, make videos while at it, and at some point, I had to prioritize. Thankfully, I got everything ticked off my To-Do except Tarawih- yet.




Another thing I wasn’t mentally prepared for was time optimisation. This is something I’ll need to work on in the coming days. I’ll share some resources when I get a hang of it, meanwhile, you can get some practical tips from my friend Meedah (@meedah.sf on Instagram) when she goes live on Instagram to discuss time management and productivity this Ramadan.



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I’m using a Digital planner to checklist my daily activities for Ramadan, I do have another in print, however, I’m totally hooked on this one because it has a Prayer tracker, a Qur’an tracker and a list of other activities you can tick off when you observe them.

Asides the checklists, it includes a Du’a and Hadith for each day and some beneficial tips.


Just click on the image to download the planner.


Iftar (The Dawn):


While there’s no group Iftar or an excess supply of fruits at masjid stations to look forward to,

We haven’t stocked up on fruits (I haven’t had the time to properly shop) but Alhamdulilah, water to the rescue.

For today’s Iftar, I made Mashed potatoes (Recipe Here) and Fried Chicken sauce. There’s a huge leftover from Iftar so I’ll probably be making it into a soup or eating it for Sahuur again. The meal takes about 30-45 mins from peeling to mashing.

After Iftar, I cleaned up and prayed Magrib and here I am, drafting a post for 9:00 PM.

Ishai and Tarawih would take an hour later, but definitely before I sleep. You could read Haute Hijab’s post on ‘How to pray Tarawih from home’ and the very insightful of Mufti Menk on Praying Salah online.


In Review:


Day 1 was a bit overwhelming, but I’m glad that I’m cutting back on my screen time which allows me to reduce my news consumption, and the overload of resources out there I absolutely can’t keep up with.


It’s important to do what you can and (do it right, while at it). Take things at your own pace. Being careful, conscious and more mindful of your words and actions can take a while getting used to so please be patient with yourself. You can also include it in your Du’a that Allah helps you stay committed and steadfast.


How did your Day 1 go? You already know I love specifics so give me all the details. Can wait to hear from you! May Allah accept all our acts of Ibadaah.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you all tomorrow.





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