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SMW ‘19 (Event Review, tips and bits from the sessions I attended)


Ever since attending my first ever Socialmediaweek last year in Lagos, I have always looked forward to going every year if I was available and I’m very excited I didn’t miss this.

The event kicked off on Monday and I wasn’t keen on going until Tuesday…


Trust me, I did want to look very formal but I also wanted to be super comfortable. Having being an attendant last year was enough cue that sitting in one place is impossible. Sessions were held at different sections and you’ll have to walk to get there of course.

I know how plaids are still in season and was so glad I found an old jacket of my dad’s that was plaid, pairing it with a white TM shirt , black pants, black scarf and sneakers.

Hijabi in a suit set carrying a bag


The first panel session I attended was OOTD disrupt: The look hosted by the Stylist Curator.

The speakers were ; Eva Alordiah, Denola grey, Idia aisen, Eku edewor and Kate henshaw.

The class was focused on influence, body positivity and appearances.

How we see ourselves against the image that the media has created of how we should look while forgetting our inner self.

Eva emphasised on how we focus more on our physical appearance forgetting we have a spirit appearance (who we are). She also dished a tip following her break from social media and how it helped her discover herself.

‘If you don’t know yourself, find yourself by shutting everything down (social media importantly) and if you have, celebrate yourself’

Everyone got a goody bag from the event host and mine was filled with a moisturizing gel from saravejo cosmetics and a really cute Headband.

After the class, I really had no interest in attending other classes so I decided to hang out with my friends before heading home. 

We visited the virgin Atlantic stand and got some goodies after answering a few questions about their brand.



My friends and I decided to attend one final class before leaving so we opted for the Smart, stylish and successful panel session hosted by Mimi onalaja.

The speakers were Fashion influencer, Derinfromisaleeko, PR pro Bidemi Zakariyau, Fashion stylist Moses Ebite , and designer and Founder of the Ayaba fashion brand Tomiwa Oladele.

Some of my takeaway key points made at the session were:

-If you are going to be a designer, figure out what you want to do first, your customer demographics, style.

It’s okay to branch out after a while but not before knowing what or who your brand speaks to.

Tomiwa made an example of how she started her brand by making made to measure and after a while, customers wanted to just shop and get their clothes and she branched to making ready-to-wear.

The mistake of ‘oh I’ll figure it out when I get there’ is what needs to be avoided as a designer ~Tomiwa

Derin talked about the most common social media Instagram and how she has used it to level her style and get engagement but gave me a run for my money when she said engage with your followers by using the stories feature more. (Guilty). 

Most people post on the feed and hardly ever anything on their stories and as you might know your brand engagement/audience levels up when they get a feel of what’s it like behind the scenes or a sneak peek into your life.

After the session, Pro MUA and Founder of Nubian Beauty, Flawless faces by Jane did a mini makeover tutorial from work to date night look.


Wednesday was pretty hectic as I had early morning sessions to attend and that meant leaving my house very early.

My first class with Cregital

Okay, so having designed a few websites over the years, I have never ever had a class / session with someone telling me what to do and not. So attending the web design session that Cregital hosted was a huge deal for me. 

I learnt how to build a website from the scratch (plus a few additional tips I didn’t know about before) and coupled with my experience from designing , if you ever need a website, hit me up!




My mom got me this blazer as far back as 2015 and I’ve never worn it. Having revamped it a couple weeks back, I actually put so much thought into what to pair it with and my white pants from Indulgence collection seemed like a great fit until it got burnt while I was ironing. I opted for a Jean trouser and paired with a blush pink heels and bag from Meedahscloset.


My first on Thursday was the Piggybank.ng masterclass on savings and investing for millennials.

It’s pretty hard to save , or do anything else with money than to spend it. I’ve been there and to be honest, after opening an account with Piggybankng, I can say that I’m really glad knowing what my financial grounds are.

The co-founder of the Lifesaver app , Odun took us through a budget Worksheet (should be available in digital format) which was super helpful in clearing out your expenses and knowing how much you can actually save.

As at yesterday, they changed their brand name to Piggyvest (Savings + Investment) so that means you get to save, invest and also earn credits for doing so.

New media, story telling, and the role of technology in the African fashion industry hosted by BellaNaija.

This session was almost ended when I got in but not before Toju Foyeh shared some apps that she used for her business;

.Sketchbook app

.Google my business (Getting your business recognized by google)

.Photoshop for pattern drafting.

.Virtual testing 



.Fashion map app



I’d weared off by Friday and to be honest, I wanted to head back home because of the traffic and sleep. So I ended up being very late and got to the venue around 1:30pm. 


Wearing a laid back outfit because lowkey I didn’t want to dress up and like I’d said very tired. I’m a sucker for Oversized shirts so I bought this instantly from a thrift vendor at  N200 pairing it with my custom sneakers(It has my name on it hahaha), black leggings and a pink scarf. I couldn’t say much for my face so I wore my eyeglasses to elevate the look.


Since Friday was the last day and I’d missed the few sessions I wanted to attend, staying till the closing party was my best bet but it didn’t start till 6pm. I ended up going for a session about Safe periods, Menstruation, and tourism.

Some of the panelists spoke about hotels in other countries having sanitary pads in the restrooms and how they started an 

Initiative called Padbank Africa where they give out menstrual materials to girls who can’t afford/ have access to it.

I enjoyed the session as periods and menstruations are actually very hard topics to discuss because of the stigma that comes with it, and having more men talking about it , understanding what we go through and even helping is amazing.

After the session, took pictures and headed to the NXT stage for the after partayyyyyy where all the Zanku & legwork moves were scattered on the floor.


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Have you ever attended the social media week? How did you find this review, let me know!


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