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Ramadan Diaries — Day 5


It’s officially the first Friday, the best Friday and the first weekend of Ramadan. Due to my ‘break in transmission’ yesterday, I was able to observe tahjuud for the first time since I started fasting. 

Since we’re celebrating a lot of firsts, I had swallow for sahuur today with my favorite soup that is Okro. Actually Ramadan with my parents means no excuses and so I wasted no time in praying Fajr.

Alhamdulilah, the charity (Sadaqah) planned in honor of my sister went well, quite tedious carrying food items but was heaped with a lot of prayers and that’s what matters. I can only hope they get to her wherever she is.

I couldn’t take any pictures by the way, I just felt it was clichè plus I needed to maximize my time in order to get ready for Jum’ah.

After jum’ah I became totally ‘bedridden’, I was weak and tired and my stomach was churning in ways I couldn’t even imagine. What’s worse was that my mom needed me to assist her in making Iftar and I just laid on a couch helpless.

I think I spent most of my day watching the time and praying it was 7PM already and that led me to set an alarm for 6:59 because I needed my water and fruits on standby. 

I decided to watch a tafsir on YouTube around 5:30 PM and couldn’t even concentrate for 5 mins. The struggleeee.

Iftar finally came!!!


Happy dance gif

The annoying part about having ulcer is how hungry you’ll feel yet full. I couldn’t eat savage like I’d wanted but I settled for watermelon, Cormeal And Beans cake (Also referred to as Ogi and Akara) well at least that did the trick for the next few hours giving me the strength I needed to observe Salah and pray Taraweeh.

That’s all for today guys, I’d probably be sleeping when you’re reading this so catch y’all 9PM tomorrow.  


Let me know, how did your first Juma’ah go?


  • Adnan Gh'zali

    😂😂😂Good one. Me I just finished Taraweeh sef and all my bones are aching cuz I jumped from work straight to the Mosque today. It’s really beautiful that you could pull through with the charity for your sister, may Allah grant her Jannah Firdaus. P. S. Waiting for the time makes it slower (*duhh! every lazy ass person like us knows that) 😂😂🦋🌷.

  • Zaynab

    First Jumah was spent at the opthalmologist read Surat Al- kahf on my way there. Had to combine salah came back late so iftar was ready late.

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