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Ramadan Diaries — Day 4


Alarm Dings!!!

I almost missed sahuur today because I was…wait what?

 Sahuur ke, Not today.

I told you guys yesterday that I had a late iftar and they was no way in the world I could escape having complications if I decide to fast today so I took a break.

Earlier this morning, I created a community of ulcer patients on WhatsApp. I felt the need for a support group and since I couldn’t find any to join, I created one. Turned out people like me were having a hard time fasting as well.

So if you’re one of us, you know where you should be. Spent most of the day conversing with my new friends on the group while learning things I didn’t even know about my health.

Again, I had consciously remind myself to refrain from using some certain swear words.

After spending 8 hours on the road traveling from Lagos-Ogun state (the rain made things worse) I got to cover 5 chapters of the qur’an. (Inserts victory dance)


One skill I’ve improved on is self discipline (I didn’t delete the songs on my phone most of which had to deal with learning how to refrain from it. Alhamdulilah, 4 days in and hip hop music is sounding weird to my ears. It would be pretty hard to quit music altogether because it’s literally everywhere but Allah knows best really).

I’m excited about tomorrow because I’ll be doing some charity work for aged fasting muslims in honor of my late sister. I can’t wait to see their smiling faces!

Oh by the way, if you’re reading this post I’ll like you to share one goal that you’ve been able to improve on / giving you challenges this Ramadan in the comment section.


Till tomorrow at 9PM, Stay strong brothers and sisters.






  • Adnan Gh'zali

    See ehn, this music thing will not put me in trouble. I’ve been working on a short film since last month and I’m just adding the finishing touches. There’s just one problem; the fact that I can’t listen to the soundtrack I added to it. 😪. But oh well, on the plus side, I covered seven chapters today (from Rahman to Hujurat) and I’ve been having less Kanye and Odunsi in my head and more verses playing about. It’s just sometimes iono where those verses came from (they sound random most times self) and they don’t stop even when I enter the toilet😭. But then again, oh well. Allah knows best. I’m so sorry you couldn’t fast today and I hope you can tomorrow. 🦋🌹.

    • Zaynab

      I’ve been trying not to lie on my stomach cos it was prohibited by the Prophet S. A. W and some scholars say its haram. Trying to improve on my ibadah and Qur’an reading hopefully I get to read 2 or 3 chapters + Surat Al- Kahf
      I’m trying to sleep early cos I’ve been sleeping late and I don’t really have strength and time for my Qiyamul Layl when I wake up
      The days are going so fast Subhan Allah may we make the most of it

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