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Ramadan Diaries — Day 3

If there’s something as joyous as having your wishes fulfilled, I’ll have two.

For the first time this Ramadan, I woke up really early and all thanks to my brother (again he deserves a medal).

After a series of morning routines, I had sahuur with the remnants of dinner. Took my drugs and since it was still early, I decided to lie on the couch as my back was hurting while memorising some new verses I could read during Salah.

When the adhan sounded for Fajr, I sprung up immediately, made ablution and said my prayers. (Yaaay, little wins) 

If you’re like me who prefers digital print to printed books you’d find convenience in reading anything from your phone. I practically did all my Adkhar with the Muslim Pro app on my phone.

Extra tip: You can track the number of days you have fasted / prayer by using the personal tracker and add notes.

For the most of today, I was really angry with myself for not drinking enough water at sahuur , with my laptop and the internet for acting up. One of the things on my ditch list this Ramadan was anger so I tried to suppress by being absolutely mute at work while listening to the Qur’an. Well that helped a lot, imagine if I had lashed out on someone else…

Another fun thing happened today, one of Dej loaf’s song started playing in my head and I was singing along to it until I got to a swear word.

Man, that mental slap hit hard coupled with a host of apology phrases to Allah. 

I’d really like to say that one thing I love about Ramadan is how conscious I am of even the little acts. I like that I feel a sense of responsibility and must not let anything slip. 

PS: As at 8:32 PM, I just had Iftar and I’m still on the road. The traffic today is ‘hell-rible’. 


Skills I’m still working on 

  • Consciousness
  • Anger
  • Patience





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  • Hameedah

    Although I’m not fasting which feels a little weird but I’m also struggling with some of the you mentioned. Realty hit mid song and then I spray out a lot of astagfirullah. Alhamdulillah, I’m in love with the conscious aspect. Had a tiring day as well because Lagos is always stressful but I’ll be snoozing in my house tomorrow for certain. Awaiting episode 5.

  • Adnan Gh'zali

    😂😂That Dej Loaf part got me giggling. Come and see me chastising Drake, The Weeknd and a couple other artists in my head. I’ll be like “Drake, stop singing and be quiet! Don’t let me hit you” and the Drake in my head’ll be like “You’re fasting so you should not have thoughts of violence”. 😅😅These arguments drain me. Kudos! I look forward to more episodes like this. 🦋🌹.

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