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Ramadan Diaries – Day 21

Salam alaykum guys!

How did your twenty-first day in Ramadan go? 

We’re officially counting down to Eid Insha Allah. 

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Alhamdulilah, I’d stayed awake to pray tahjudd like I intended to. After making a few Duas, I didn’t last up to twenty minutes in sujud cause I was already sleeping. Lol.

It was past 2am and I decided to have sahur since I was still awake and there was no probability that I would wake up early. Settled with a sandwich and of course dozed off after.

When it was 4am which was the actual time for sahur, my mom came to wake me up to eat but since I already had sandwich at 2, I was like.

Nah, I’m good man.

Well not until, my stomach started making some weird sounds and hunger literally drove me out of bed at 5:07am. My mom and brother had finished eating so I quickly rushed to make the next available meal- noodles that I don’t like a bit (read as hate) .

Downing my meal as fast as I can before Fajr, 

Prayed subhi and did some cleaning after which I dressed up and set out for the day.

I visited my friend meedah and we drilled on creating a project (Anticipate something lit guys) while creating a video content. You can watch snippets on her Insta story. After all, the good ol’ sunshine couldn’t waste today.

Iftar Szn

Iftar finally came. Thank God for that quickie noodles. 

I had the debonairs triple decker chicken pizza and yoghurt thanks to meedah. And as I write this at 8:30 PM, I’m currently having the traditional bread and tea because lately I don’t get my raging appetite.

I’ll be working on my seminar presentation overnight as it due tomorrow. So while you’re praying for my good luck and great tidings, ensure you say a prayer for the family of Adewura whose death was announced earlier today and of course for Allah’s protection on you and your loved ones.

See you all at 9PM tomorrow.



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