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Ramadan Diaries – Day 20

It’s been 2 weeks since the last episode of Ramadan diaries and I owe you guys a huge apology for taking off.

First, I was down with cold for a few days and I got a little ill, coupled with the fact that I was on my monthly period and the jumble and hustle of writing my seminar presentation, I barely had the words to conjure up here.

20 days has passed since we began ramadan and Alhamdulilah I’m so fulfilled. For starters, my taqwa has increased to a 70 at least, even while I was off, I observed abstinence as much as possible without letting anything slip. 

I created a template you can use to access the last 20 days. I’ll be sending it out to your emails later tonight. Ensure to subscribe if you haven’t.  


Lately, I’ve been extremely tired. 

Who isn’t? 

I guess it can be attributed to the weather in Lagos. It’s so hot and to be honest, I had never thought I would feel the effect of fasting but ever since I resumed school… it’s been a whole different story.

I wake up very late everyday because I hardly get any sleep in the night, and you should see how I move like a snail during the day.

I had a class today and I didn’t finish until around past 2 (God knows I didn’t sign up for this final year life), prayed Zuhr and literally dragged my feet home.

Got home around 4.00 PM and prayed Asr. I should say that it hasn’t always been like this especially after iftar, I find it hard to pray Maghreb and Isha until very late in the night. 

Thankfully, the little nap I had after Asr gave me the physical strength to pray Maghreb before breaking my fast. 

For Iftar today, I had Oats as appetiser and Suya burger for dinner. Seriously, despite having all ingredients at home, I still haven’t caught the chef Fareedah bug. It seems weird that I crave all this great foods but can’t make them in my own kitchen so it’s basically custard, oats, bread, rice or whatever goes. Sigh. 

Tomorrow is the first odd night in Ramadan so I hope we all get to wake up for Tahjudd and make Dua. If you’ll be going for Itiqaf from today, Masha Allah. May Allah accept all our duas.

Start building that dua list so you don’t let anything slip.

I’m also glad that I’ve completed a whole Qur’an as at yesterday. Yaaay.

By the way, I’m accepting bids for eid inspiration as I don’t now what I’ll be wearing. Let me know what y’all are planning to wear in the comment section!

PS: It’s nothing big.

That’s all for today loves, till next time. 



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