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9 || Mobile apps you need this new year

Is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’ ?


One thing I’ve heard a lot since the year began, is the raving resolution of people wanting to be better humans; living healthier, ‘securing the bag’ and not having to deal with stress, and toxic relationships.

I made resolutions like everyone else because I don’t find them cliché in any way, knowing that this decade would come with a huge dynamic that required some life-changing decisions. I wasn’t going to change overnight, so I started looking for ways to incorporate little acts of commitment from my resolutions to my habitual self. 

Accurately, the average time I spend on my phone is 5-7 hours daily, for this reason, I began my quest for apps that could streamline my daily activities and help me keep my resolutions in check.

Finding out these apps after I’d already gone about things the hard way was nerve bending, and that’s why I curated this list so you (my loyal readers) can have access to resources like this; a collection of apps that might suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.



  1. Sleep Cycle: Sleeping for 8hrs+ is one thing I undoubtedly let go of as I approached my teenage years, I sleep for approximately 3-4hrs and make up for it during the day or at leisure. With sleep cycle, you get to track the number of hours you sleep and how it affects your health. From there, you can make practical changes like using therapeutic sounds to enhance your sleep and an alarm that wouldn’t wake you up aggressively ensuring you get the adequate rest that your body needs. If you’ve been looking for something more extensive than the bedtime feature on iOS, then sleep cycle should be the first thing you consider.


  1. Headspace: Growing up, my dad would make us (my siblings and I) sit and meditate for about 10 mins like in those yoga positions before going to school. It doesn’t even come off as a surprise that I do not have the patience to meditate or spare 10-15 minutes without falling asleep as an adult. Meditation is pretty much an important part of self-care and Headspace is an app that’s gonna help with that struggle. May I add that the interface is gorgeous making it seamlessly efficient to meditate anywhere; on a ride to work, waiting for lunch, or after your prayers. Another app I found that’s close to it in function is Balance.
  2.  Elevate: Elevate is a brain training app that is designed to keep you mentally sharp and help build skills such as grammar, maths,  brevity, spelling, vocabulary and so on. I love that the challenges and tasks come in fun games and although I don’t play games on my phone, I had to make an exception based on the stats that back up what the app is trying to do. One functional thing I love about Elevate is that it personalises your games to continually improve your mental metrics as you play.

Elevate app

To access all the games on Elevate, you would have to pay a subscription fee per year. Nevertheless, the free version works fine and it’s available on IOS and Android devices.


  1. Keelo: I love to stay in shape, ‘keep fit’ or whatever it is they call going to the gym these days. I just can’t find the nerve to subscribe to one and most of my hesitation lies in the fact that I’d rather work out in a private gym with a personal trainer, than in a gym with several people (read as strangers). Keelo is a great app that I discovered for beginners who wants to start fitness. I believe it’s a great step for me to determine my readiness to ‘hit the gym’ yet again in 2020. This way I could just watch fitness videos and work on my gluteus without having to leave my home. (Amen!).


  1. Aloe bud: When I said #Selfcare2020, I wasn’t joking. After reading a review of this app on Refinery29, I decided to check it out because having used a few ‘self-care’ apps in the past, I’ve been conditioned to think that those services were the entire ‘scam’ but aloe bud is the best one I’ve ever come across. I love that it sends cute notifications at several intervals during the day to remind you that ‘Me first’ is a concept that begins with taking care of your whole self. Coupled with the cute interface, simplicity and design, Aloe bud is a whole package.


  1. Grid diary: This app is great for people who love the idea of journaling but can’t seem to get a hang of it. Grid dairy has an aesthetic interface, allowing you to journal events in grid-like boxes like this: 

If you’re someone that purchases beautiful journals from time to time and hardly use them, then this could be a fun, alternative way to keep your dream diary.


  1. Bonsai: I was super excited the night I discovered this app because I found all the viable tools I needed in ONE place. It has been quite tedious creating invoices with Wave, then moving over to Docu sign to create contracts, and signatures but Bonsai provides all of these services in an all-in-one suite for creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs. I extremely love the streamlining of this app and how efficient and productive it has made my work from creating invoices to contracts, proposals and even managing my expenses and clients.

Another perk is that you can track the amount of time you spend on a project ensuring that your 1hr is 1hr and bill accordingly. How perfect!


  1. Acuity scheduling: Acuity is an appointment scheduling app that helps you manage your calendar, tasks and project. The best thing about Acuity is that you can sync it with your social media account so people can ‘Book’ an appointment or schedule a meeting at your convenience. Your prospective clients can also get to view your services and the rates you charge for them, so in addition to scheduling, you could also automatically accept payments. Acuity only integrates with Stripe and PayPal for now, so your best bet as a Nigerian living in Nigeria is to stick to its scheduling features.



  1. Instapaper: If you’re an avid reader and looking for a minimalist alternative to the Pocket app, then Instapaper is your new buddy. Instapaper is a simple, efficient way to save, organise and access web links you’ve accumulated each day. It has a few customisable options which include creating a folder to organise related links and adding notes to the articles you save.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post and discovered a few gems yourself. Of course, you need not use all of these apps but one or two that are relevant to you and your goals, that’s all that matters.

Connect with me in the comment section, let me know which of the apps you’ve found useful.



With love,



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