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Nike art Gallery || The Budgeter’s guide to an artistic trip


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

                                                                                 – Thomas Merton

Collage of different portraits in black and white filter


I used to be only fascinated about art aesthetics than to actually have a rooted deep connection with it. Upon a visit to the Rele art gallery and the Art X exhibition in 2017, my thoughts changed entirely.

Art has become a feeling, that’s why I spend so much time trying to get into an artists’ mind, **well most times** and the fact that I have friends like Digital artist Mina and Creatus makes me love it more. I visited the famous Nike art gallery in Lagos which has been on my To-do for a while. Not intending to write a blog post about my artistic visit, but the DM’s I got about the costs, location and my outfit made this possible.


The Trip


The Gallery is located along the Lekki-Ajah expressway, Ikate. The same road that links to the Elegushi beach.
I’d planned to leave home as early as 10 am to beat the Lekki tollgate traffic, but ended up leaving at 11:30! Took almost an hour to get a bus that’ll take me to CMS as I had a friend waiting to pick me up there. It also didn’t help that the bus conductor used at least 10 mins to call in new passengers at every bus stop. (Lagos danfo chronicles)

I met with my friend Ahmad who drove us for about 25 mins from CMS (Traffic inclusive) to the Nike Art Gallery.

In all, it took me about two hours to get to the gallery from Festac.


The Art Gallery


Picture of an art gallery with people in view

The reception was totally amazing. We were welcomed by the Founder, Mrs Nike and her husband who was also very cool by the way. (Emphasis on cool, he’s great company!). The gallery has four floors and I liked the third floor best. It has mirrors where you can take really nice selfies, places to sit and metalwork art. It’s also the floor with the most modern art.



Girl sitting on a chair in an art gallery


At the last floor, there’s a mini section where you can get souvenirs like beads and batik fabric. There’s also another store outside the gallery too.




Outside the gallery is the most beautiful white wall plus more artworks.




I designed my outfit myself. Yes. Last year, I got completely disinterested in the Adire Gown that I got from a sale, particularly the length and turned it into this.

Short, frills and tassels.

I gave up on the pockets as it was way too long for a cloth pocket and looked more like an inbuilt bag.
Being one for dramatic sleeves, hahaha. I made a pair of detachable cut-out sleeves with the pieces left.

Girl standing against a wall


Bonus Tips

  •  Go on a weekday as there are more tourists on weekends, but if you’re a social extrovert then any day, you’re good.


  • Best pack something light, you won’t get any restaurant/cafeteria around and trust me even bottled water is a hard find.


  •  Noon/ Golden hour is your best shot at lightning if you’re planning to take pictures with the beautiful outdoor wall and art.


All pictures taken by (Jyde on IG)

What does art mean to you?

If you’ve ever visited the Nike gallery,let me know your thoughts in the comment section.











Love & Light,


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