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Blog Launch – New Beginnings / The comeback

blog beginnings

More than a few days in but a Happy new year to you. Having answered all the unending MIA questions since I went off IG/Blog almost a year ago, I owe it to you a very detailed explanation for taking off without any leads…

First off, thank you. For everything and most importantly as the inspiration behind this blog and fortunately, you’re here reading this. Sending you loads of hugs and kisses for sticking for and with me all these while.


Thank you blog


Why I went MIA

2018 started off as a great year and everything that happened in the first two months felt like I’m gonna get it all year-long…

I needed time to focus on my personal well-being, spiritual life and relationships most importantly reflecting on events that occurred last year. After attending the social media week for the first time in February, I got so much insightful information and networks that’ll bud my career and took that as my cue to get a break and strategize for the year.

The harmless step I took turned out to be the wake-up call to the reality around me. I spent more time with family and friends, getting to know so much about things I’ve been blinded to and by the time my break bomb went off, I’d been trapped in real life issues.

Earlier last year, I passed a test of friendship and family. I was needed the most by family and I couldn’t think of anything else but to put them first. I found so much pleasure in helping those around me and couldn’t balance it with creating content, taking pictures and sorts. While all this happened, I made some self-assessments, breaking and rebuilding till I was content with the state I am in. Now that the storm’s over, I’ve learnt to focus on everything important to me. Including you – My amazing family too.


Hijabi potrait





Lessons learnt from Going MIA

  • Grow your network

I’m immensely appreciative of the friendships I made over the last year, cut most off but it was so worth it and while doing that gained marketable connections.

  • Learn to Save and Invest

Okay, okay I know how much of money goes into blog shoots, planning and creating. I didn’t do that for almost a year, imagined how much I saved. Hahahaha. Lately, my uncle and Amin of Everythingnaart emphasized investing more while saving less and this is my mantra for the new year.  I signed up for a pretty good deal so let me know if you want me to talk about finances.

  • Yes, you did a great job!

If you’re over thinker like I am was you tend to worry that every of your best accomplishments are still not it. But while you are busy whining, planning, thinking of the perfect thing, someone else is already winning. 

You bet? You were 7/10 better than them just a bit pessimist.

  • God is real and you need to get closer to him

Being closer to God is still on my top goals for this year because the peace and tranquillity of knowing that you have someone you can run to every time and showers you with so much love is bliss.

  • Check on your people/ Keep good communications  (Offline and Online)

Lost a friend to suicide last year and although I’ve stopped regretting not communicating more often, I really wish I’d been there when she needed me to. Taking note of this, I checked up on my friends all the time, I know schedules are miles away and there’s

‘Oh she’s eating pizza at that very expensive restaurant, she’s living okay’


‘Wow, now using iPhone X, my friend is blown and can’t talk to people like us’

but please regardless learn to check up on your friends, ask questions, make jokes, reminisce on old times.

know yourself

  • Discover you. Explore your potentials

Tapping into my inner Fareedah made me realize I could do things I’d never thought of. For example, how I could take beautiful shots of still objects and earn an income from it. Took a lot of daring steps, and now know which prize my eyes are on.

The blog

First, can we please tell all our family and friends that some Nigeria hosting companies are trash?

My old blog ( )came upon its expiry and after a masterclass I attended, I wanted to upgrade to site and told the host just that. After billing me, and of course receiving the funds, I couldn’t access old blog posts, pictures and blog data. Unfortunately, the backup files I’d saved to drive couldn’t be accessed too.

So to new beginnings,

Bloome in style came about from the word ‘Bloom’ actually. Bloom means to Flourish and I hope that with every post you read, or in any way you might have felt my impact you gain something new and flourish with it. Happy to report that I am writing with enthusiasm and a new sense of excitement and purpose.

Oh by the way, have you seen the new blog look yet? Take a tour to the Homepage and tell me what you think. I also added some categories (Diary) and (Lagos living) as I plan to keep you updated with things happening with me and places I’ll be visiting in my city coupled with lots of DIY’s, style and lifestyle contents.

Be the first to know when I spill on the blog by subscribing below. I do hope you love the new blog, let me know what you think of it in the comment section.



PS: I designed the blog myself so if you ever need one or an upgrade, meet me Here.


We have a lot to catch up on and I’m yearning to hear from you all!



Hijabi blogger selfie on a red scarf

With love,



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