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Avoid a bad-buy day|| Thrift shopping tips

It’s been forever since I last posted on the blog. School has been crazy, and hassling with final-year drama has been crazier.

However my first semester exams will be over in a bit, and I really can’t wait to share the tons of content I have planned for you!

So guys, here’s the tea:

Thrift shopping is a game you must learn how to play well if you’re like me who’s a fashionista on a budget. Some days, you score really well and other days you might just miss the road and wish you had saved your coins.

The main aim of thrifting is to save money while also wearing trendy, sustainable and rare fashion pieces from named brands for a lesser amount, however buying smart is still the end goal.

From lessons learnt as a ‘thrift-er’, here are a few ways you can avoid a bad-buy day.

1. Be patient

Wait. What?

If you don’t have to luxury of time to carefully inspect what you’re buying, you might as well part away with it. Thrifting requires time, from checking faults, to finding what you really like and getting value for your money.


2. Make a list

Wanna bet? Almost everyone miss out on this because sometimes thrift finds are spontaneous.

So what’s a list for?

You need a list to ensure you’re buying what you need. A list will keep you in check and help you get your priorities first.



3. Keep your eyes and mind open

Thrifting is a hit or miss thing. If you see what you like, affordable and suit your needs? Buy away. Honestly, in some hot thrift sites like Yaba, you can’t afford to not make a decision whilst the outfit is in your hand because in less than a millisecond, it could be gone!


4. Faults first, Tags later

I’ll admit that I’m one of those who would like to see ‘Zara’, ‘Raulph Lauren’ or ‘Asos’ before I buy a thrift item.

While these are important because they’re trendy brands and they make great pieces, the condition of the item you’re buying is more important or ‘importanter’.

This is why I end up in tears after buying a nice piece that’s not in my size or seeing like a great blouse I like is void of any buttons and torn.

Ensure you check things like the buttons, zippers, tears and wears  and look out for stains that may not be removable.

Sometimes, if the item you’re getting is a rare gem, you can pass it on if the faults are minimal and repairable like something a bleach can fix or a needle tack can do, otherwise keep your money.


Atmosphere Floral top

 5. Try things on

Although the size of some items are written on their tags, you can still try things on or fit them on your body.

This is because some brands use different size guides and since a thrift store is not just a clutter from one brand, it’s always advisable to know you’re getting what will fit.


6. Find thrift stores

It’s really not that hard. Thrift stores are almost everywhere and even online too.
Brands like Mybudgetwardrobe, Curatedbyzayn and Stephandstephs on Instagram curates thrifted fashion pieces that are super affordable and are of great quality.


Clothes flatlay

6. Analyze your wardrobe

Mentally scan through your wardrobe as fast as you can, if you have a lot of clothes…(hahaha) try to work with the ones you wear more frequently.

This helps you to think of ways to style the item you’re buying. It also answers questions like;

– Do I have something/varieties like this?
– Do I really need a Blouse/skirt/bag in this colour?
– Can this item be repurposed?

This is my go-to tip when I’m thrifting and it has helped me save a lot of money cause then I’d buy things because they were pretty and get home to deal with styling problems even after looking through different pictures online.

Do you have any other tips to share? Have you ever had a bad-buy day? Please leave a comment and share your tips and experiences with me. I’ll love to hear from you!




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